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Ethiopia Museums and Heritage


The Ethnological Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES) is located within the main Sidist Kilo campus of the Addis Ababa University (AAU) , and is one of the well organised museums in the country.

The National Museum of Ethiopia, also referred to as the Ethiopian National Museum, is a national museum in Ethiopia. It is located in the capital, Addis Ababa, near the Addis Ababa University’s graduate school.

Addis Ababa Museum is the city’s scruffiest museum. That said, perusing candid portraits of the redoubtable Empress Taitu, rakish Lij Iyasu and the very beautiful Empress Zewditu, along with pictures of the capital in its infancy, is still worth an hour or so.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral Museum is located in Yeka Kifle Ketema, Addis Ababa inside the Holy Trinity Cathedral and bordering the Houses of Parliament . It was established in 1998 (Eth Cal) ‘ upon the idea of preserving and making available for visitors.

The “Red Terror” Martyrs’ Memorial Museum in Addis Ababa was established in 2010 as a memorial to the victims of the Red Terror under the Derg regime. The museum has displays of torture instruments, skulls and bones, coffins, etc.

Museums and Heritage– The museum is a wonderful collection of train memorabilia slowly decaying in the Ethiopian sun.

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